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  Name: Special hospital Ribarska Banja
Address: 37205 Ribarska Banja
Place :
37205 Ribarska Banja
State :
Phone :
+381 37 865 261
Phone/fax: +381 37 865 129
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About us

Ribarska Banja Spa, the oasis of fresh mountain air, healthy food and hot mineral water, is situated in central Serbia on hillside of Veliki Jastrebac mountain on 540 meters height above sea level. It is hidden from the winds and sudden temperatures changes.

Ribarska Banja - Belgrade 222 km
Ribarska Banja - Niš 72 km
Ribarska Banja - Motor way 33 km
Ribarska Banja - Kruševac 35 km

According to historical resources, the thermo mineral resources of Ribarska Banja were already used in the XIV century.
The legend says that queen Milica was using the treasure of mineral water.

Also, the King Petar Karadjordjevic I is the most faithful visitor and he was always resting on the first floor of hotel "Serbia".

The first chemical analyze of mineral water was set up in 1834 at laboratory of Medical faculty in Vienna. Intensive construction of Ribarska Banja Spa has begun in 1904 when the shipping of Vracarska got the concessions for new objects.


Ribarska Banja disposes with accommodation of 508 beds.

The apartments in villa "Pogled" are for high level class and they offer absolute comfort and agreeability.

Dining room accesses 600 guests and there is a bank, post office, pharmacy, super markets, cinema, conference room, library and newsstand. Therapy rooms, hotels and restaurant are connected by system of hot halls what all therapies makes much efficient and effective.

Fireplace room and new ethno restaurant meet all luxury standards and they are intended for high demands.


The term of "Wellness" means the whole healthy life what includes: healthy food, physical activities, relaxation and mental health. Wellness centers are specialized for improving psyche-physical health and afford all pleasure.

Ribarska Banja is specific Wellness center which contains: traditional food, open and close swimming pools with thermo mineral water on 38oC, hydro-massagers, pearl and Jacuzzi baths, most than 20 kinds of other massages, aqua-bic and fitness activities, saunas, walking around the forest and much more...

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Conference style
Hollow square
room name
Congress hall  
600 m2
Red hall  
 200 m2
White hall  
200 m2
Seminar hall  
 50 m2
* number of delegates

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