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  Name: Agency PRO AS
Address: Otona Zupancica 38/78
+381 11 260 2076; mob: +381 63 201 141
Phone/fax: +381 11 260 1505
pro_asyu@yahoo.com, pro-as@net.co.rs
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About us

Pro As is an agency, built in 1994. Over the years our agency has provided techical support and realisation of all kinds of events and gatherings. With the great experience in this area we can guarantie high-quality services in organisations of your seminar, congress, business meeting and any kind of similar events.


* Simultanious translation equipment

If your meeting has international character or if in any reason you have need for simultanious translations, our equipment will completely satisfy requirements of this kind of work. Infrared system of renown company – BRAHLER and cabins as well, which satisfy the standards - ISO 2603 and ISO 4043 and which will accomplish the high level of comfort not only to servis users but also to translators as well and at the same time with their functionality and pleasant looks they will contribute to successful realisation of your meeting.

* Conference microphone system

Conference microphone system DIGIMIC is also a product of the company BRAHLER. System is composed of addressed microphode units and with their help the full control under this system is managed, and so is possible that in any moment concerned participant has word. Also through miniature implanted loud speakers the system can give steady sound picture and in smaller rooms this system can sastisfy needs for sound system.

* Sound system

Sound systems are basis of conference communication. It’s very rare that on some meeting doesnt’n need a public address in other words sound system. We possess high quality sound system, which also has a discreet and congenial looks. If your event has a need as an artistic event, we can also manage high quality music-sound system for you.

* Video

Whether you have a need for a video projection or maybe you want your meeting to be recorded, we’ll accomplish all your requests. We want to mention that we possess projectors with power of 4000 ANSI and screens with different dimentions from 5x4m to 2x1.5. From the offer we want to distinguish screens of 4x3m for rear projection. Also we want to mention possibility of transporting of video signal to the distant location.

* Voting system

Do you want to get feedback from participants of your meeting ? Do you want your meeting take a new dimension ? To become interactive?

To accomplish all this you need a, so called, voting system. System of company OptionFinder is a system for wireless interactive communication. Beside huge possibilities of use this system distinguish extraordinary facility of use. Through OptionPower software package, which is built in MS PowerPoint, we accomplish interactivity off .ppt slides and those who we sent the message to, dispose with theit own interactive wireless terminals. Through PowerPoint–which everyone knows how to use – we ask questions the group and the group gives us the feedback just by clicking the button. System then calculates the result and shows them as one more .ppt slide. In this way your meetings will be no longer just one way communication between lecturer and audience, also all the participants will be able to contribute working part of a meeting.


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