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  Name: Special hospital Čigota
Address: Kraljeve Vode 30
Place :
31315 Zlatibor
+381 31 841 141
Phone/fax: +381 31 841 182
E-mail: cigota@eunet.rs; cigota@ptt.rs

www.cigota.co.rs , www.cigota.rs
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About us - history

The idea for building a Sanatorium on Zlatibor first appeared at the end of 19th century and was carried out in the second half of the 20th century.

By the decision of the Government of Serbia SPECIALIZED SANATORIUM FOR HYPERTHYROSIS was founded. It started working on June 1st 1964 within the Health centre in Cajetina, and on April 1st 1966 it was resettled to villas "Cigota" and "Beograd" as an independant institution. As the number of patients was growing The Sanatorium moved to the hotel "Kraljeva voda" which later changed its name to Hotel "Srbija".

The erection of the new building started in 1970 in September and was finished in 1978. The locality had been chosen on the basis of the report made by experts team of physicians, clymatologs and architects.

The original Sanatorium changed its name into the Institute for Prevention, Cure and Rehabilitation of Thyroid Gland Diseases. The results of treatment were uncomparable better compared with previous exclusive medical treatment, so that this health - care facility became the Unique Balcan centre for thyroid gland diseases treatment. Owing to great enthusiasm of doctors first of all, who kept developing and improving this institution by their determined and devoted work, the Institute turned into Thyroid Gland and Metabolism Institute.

The decision for laying the foundation of Special Hospital for Thyroid Gland Diseases and Metabolism Zlatibor, Cajetina has been brought by the Government of Serbia.

In the Institute numerous Lectures by foreign as well as our experts have been organized (six International Symposiums, two Scientific Meetings on thyroid gland diseases, and two Scientific Meetings on corpulence /fatness/).

Accommodation capacites:

single rooms..........67

double rooms.........79

triple-bed rooms......9

four-bed rooms........1


Bars and restaurants

By the reception there is a café-pastry shop with a terrace of 60 places.

On the second floor, there is a board restaurant with 370 and the aperitif bar with 90 places. These two spaces are easily transformed into a hall with 450 places for formal lunches and dinners.

At the same level, there is a restaurant »The Zlatibor Sky« with 150 places.

Seminars and presentations

The Special Hospital has adequate conditions and spaces for organizing congresses, seminars and meetings.

The congress hall of the Special Hospital has 300 palces, exhibition area, loud system, projecting equipment, possibility for simultaneous translation. Two smaller halls has sixty, thirty places respectively.

The most frequent presentations are from the fields of medicine, pharmacy, computers, technology, catering equipment, home chemistry and other.

Swimming pool, sauna, sunbathing place

In the Offer of The Special Hospital for Thyroid Gland and Metabolism - Zlatibor there is an in-doors semi-Olympic swimming pool, of dimensions 25 m x 12,5 m with leveled bottom, with depth, from 1,20 m up to 1,80m.

Upon going out from the pool, you can enjoy in the mountain sun at the "sunbathing place" or to use a Finnish sauna with red hot coals.

Wellness programs

* Program Čigota  
* Manager program
* Anticelulit program
* The program for thyroid gland
* Relax centre: 

  • Sauna
  • Steam bath
  • Hydro massage
  • Solarium
  • Aroma therapy
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Conference style
Hollow square
room name

Congresa hall

Room 1  
Room B  
* number of delegates

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